Fine Free Library



Good news--no more overdue fines for most items checked out at our library! Research has shown that fines can present an economic barrier to some patrons and that eliminating overdue fines increases library usage without a significant change to overdue rates. A growing number of libraries in our system and across the country are going fine free. Learn more about why in this Ted Talk by Dawn Wacek, a librarian at LaCrosse Public Library.

Important Notes:

  • Lost and damaged charges still apply, as well as overdue fines for special equipment and items from outside the South Central Library System.
  • Items 30 days overdue will generate an automatic lost charge of the replacement price, but this fine will be removed when the item is returned. You cannot check items out if your account has a balance over $20. 
  • If you check items out at another location, that library's fine policies will apply.
  • We have forgiven existing overdue fines on items checked out at our library. Please contact the library if there are any remaining charges on your account you'd like us to review.