Tax Forms

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A limited selection of tax forms are available in the library during tax season. Additional forms can be printed or copied in the library for 10 cents/page (black & white) using our computers or from your own device with our Mobile Printing Service. You can also request forms directly from the IRS or Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Forms Available:

Federal Form 1040 (English and Spanish)
Federal Form 1040-SR (English and Spanish)
Federal Form 1040/1040-SR Instructions

WI Form 1 & Instructions
WI Form 1NPR & Instructions
WI Schedule H/H-EZ (Includes Rent Certificate)
WI Rent Certificate
WI Schedule M & Instructions
WI Schedule AD & Instructions
WI Schedule SB & Instructions
WI Schedule WD & Instructions

To request forms using our curbside service:

  • Call us at 608-838-9030 to make a curbside pickup appointment. 
  • If you also have holds to pick up, you can make a curbside appointment online and let us know what forms you need in the Notes to Staff field.

For Additional Forms:

Please be aware that library staff cannot answer any tax-related questions. Please discuss any questions you may have with the IRS, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, or a tax professional.

For additional assistance and resources, visit: